Why We Are

Background: Why We Are

There comes a time in the life of a people when evaluation and stocktaking become inevitable. Afterward, if need be, the people may have to re-event themselves and launch into a new phase. For the Igbo people of the South East Nigeria, we believe that time is now.

Since the end of the civil war of survival, which Ndi Igbo were forced into, tIEI Logohere have been so many crises, which have been visited on the Igbo people by their state of affairs. Some of these crises are self-inflicted in the desperation of the deprived Igbo people to make ends meet; some have occurred due to lack of organization and clear direction the people would have to follow in order to survive and grow individually and collectively. This tendency has led to atomization of Igbo people and created very destructive and divisive individualism.

Individually, we must acknowledge that fact that so many Igbo people have succeeded in all fields of human endeavor, including science, arts and sports, in and outside Nigeria. But collectively the Igbo race does not have much to show for its existence and embarrassing so.

In the Nigerian context, where the nation is only pretending to practice federalism, the disparity in allocation of resources and skewed constitution which stifles individual and State initiative, heighten the need for Ndi Igbo to become much more organized. The practically no federal presence in the South East, and yet down 1 -2 States and by over 20 LGs in relation to the other 5 zones has led to massive underdevelopment of Igbo land becuase these are the basis for revenue allocation in the kind of federalism Nigeria practices .This is more the reason Ndi Igbo must put up a united front in order to address ingeniously and concertedly address and compensate for all the factors creating underdevelopment in Igbo Land.

We are glad to announce that The founders of Igbo Ekunie have carried some basic research on how to reverse these unprogressive tendencies and policies, and found the panaceas that when well applied, can make Igbos  achieve much more individually and more importantly, the Igbo race, as a group,  will witness phenomenal growth, rebirth, revival and great life. We have the formula with which the South East can become the commercial hub and industrial center of West African sub region.

The dream of many great Igbo leaders like Emeka Ojukwu, Nnamdi Azikiwe , Michael Okpara, Sir Akanu Ibiam and Chinua Achebe is an Igbo race that will occupy a place of pride in Nigeria and in the world stage. That is dream Igbo Ekunie plans to actualize and without a shred of doubt, this lofty dream is realizable, and to make the dream to come to pass, we have resolved to pursue the following, in the pursuit of Igbo renaissance.