Igbo Ekunie Initiative Condemns Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution & Consumption Of Meth commonly known as Mkpụrụmmiri in Igboland

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We the Igbo Ekunie Initiative (IEI) comprising individuals in Nigeria and the Diaspora; condemn in the strongest terms the reckless consumption of illicit drugs/ methamphetamine (Mkpụrụ Mmiri) in Igboland.

After a very detailed and careful appraisal of the havoc and societal destruction caused by the consumption of Methamphetamine by Igbo youths, Igbo Ekunie Initiative hereby confirms our readiness and willingness to take the bull by the horn and pursue a veritable solution to this very existential problem.

All the PGs and Traditional rulers in Igboland are hereby asked to immediately identify and close all methamphetamine (Mkpụrụ Mmiri) laboratories and all distribution centres in their domains. Details of this should be sent to info@igboekunie.org

All youth leaders in Igboland are hereby implored upon to chase away all the drug dealers in their respective towns. Where they refuse to leave, they should be handed over to law enforcement agencies for possible prosecution. Details of this should also be sent to info@igboekunie.org

We submit that the greatest enemy is the one from within and recognise that all hands must be on deck for the total eradication of illicit drug from Igboland. On that note, we believe that remarkable progress can only result from the closure of the manufacturing of meth and the collapse of their distribution outlets.

We appeal to every Igbo person to assist in any way they can in collaboration with Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to bring all the suspects involved either in manufacturing, sales, distribution and consumption of the illegal drugs in Igboland to book. Also our political leaders are hereby enjoined not to allow any illicit drug factories or laboratories to be built in their domains. They must resist such and as well notify law enforcement agencies for their necessary action.

Finally the menace of illicit and hard drugs in Igboland must stop now! If not stopped, in a few years, Igboland will not be habitable for all of us. Igbo Proverb says: “We must start looking for a missing black goat in the daylight before sunset”. We cannot just fold our hands and watch the destruction of several generations of Igbo youths via their use of mkpulu-mmiri, with the attendant casualty and fatality that would be visited on Igboland, which if left unchecked may never be recovered from.



Chief Chigbo Uzokwelu
Igbo Ekunie Initiatives

Engr John Asiegbu
Igbo Ekunie Initiatives