Igbo Ekunie Condemns The Xenophobic Attack On Nigerians In South Africa

The attention of Igbo Ekunie Initiative, a coalition of professionals in Nigeria and the Diaspora has been drawn to the recent to the widespread attack on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa. This humiliation, vandalization of property, senseless killing and attack is reprehensible, dastardly and condemnable.

The attacks defy and desecrate everything African brotherhood stands for, especially for a country that gained freedom with the Support, sweat, and sacrifice of a fellow African nation among which Nigeria clearly stands out and led the fight.

We, therefore, call on the African Union to take drastic actions that would call South Africa to order, on this scary degree and ensure adequate compensation are paid for the damages & unprovoked acts of hostilities against fellow Africans whose country fought for the freedom they enjoy today.

We urge the South African Government to address the attacks on Nigerians, apprehend and bring the perpetrators to book, else we shall be forced to mobilize Nigerians to shut down all South Africa establishments in Nigeria. This act is barbaric, hate, prejudice, xenophobia and we reiterate our unequivocal condemnation of all violence, all forms of bigotry and discrimination. There must be decisive steps to end these attacks which have led to wanton destruction of lives & property.

We maintain that the maiming and killings of citizens of Nigeria especially in South Africa dishonour the collective fight for freedom in that country, and we call on President Cyril Ramaphosa to put a stop to these killings.

The unparalleled act of ingratitude contradicts the rights and freedom which should be enjoyed by everyone. We, therefore, urge the federal government to consider suspending diplomatic ties with the South African nation until things were put right.

Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke

President Igbo Ekunie Initiative


Lawrence Nwobu

Secretary Igbo Ekunie Initiative