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Igbo Ekunie Initiative's Logo
Igbo Ekunie Initiative’s Logo

We welcome you to Igbo Ekunie Initiative. Igbo Ekunie was formed by a few Igbo sons who believe it is time for the Igbo Nation to rise again in prosperity and enterprise using our human and material resources for the common purpose of bringing long overdue development, due recognition, due respect, and much needed unity to Igbo land. It is open to every Igbo son in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. Igbo Ekunie Initiative shall be strictly non-partisan and exist to foster the spirit of brotherhood and co-operation and promote greater networking, economic prosperity, and cultural heritage among the Igbo people of Nigeria everywhere.

Therefore we the Igbo people of the South East Nigeria

  • Recognizing the need to come together and work assiduously for the emergence of a prosperous Igbo land;
  • Knowing that we can best articulate and protect our interests here by so doing;
  • Believing that institutionalizing our interaction enhances our capacity for achieving our objectives;
  • United in our ardent love for our nativity and a dream to see a strong and prosperous region emerge out of it, &
  • Resolved to strictly work for the attainment of our objectives which are articulated below;


We are a group of Igbos working towards the renaissance of Ndi Igbo through all avenues leading to the economic and political empowerment of Ndi Igbo and to restore us to former heights and glories.


To see to the emergence of a new Igboland flowing with opportunities and wealth for all sons and daughters of Igbo and to see to the restoration of the dignity and pride of Ndi Igbo in Igboland where boundaries and our differences will fade away.1

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